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Peace Meditation Cont'd
More information regarding the Peace Meditation and the use of the copper pyramids

The Peace Meditation

  • The Plejarens are able to synchronize the beginning of their meditation with the one on Earth. Through the  meditation pyramid at the SSSC and utilizing the smaller FIGU pyramids, together we are linked to theirs at a velocity of 10 to the power of 7000, which is equal to simultaneousness.
  • The huge negative energy block that has been, and is fed by the religious and sectarian belief systems (thoughts), will be "weakened". The vibrations of the thoughts emanated by performing the Peace Meditation are weakening the negative block in the sense that there is a neutralizing effect. The thoughts (= electromagnetic vibrations/waves) are sent out through the mental-block and are "displacing" the religious, etc. energy block. And since there are several billion Plejaren human beings who are assisting us by also doing the Peace Meditation, there is a noticeable effect here on Earth. The effect is working via the sub-consciousness.
  • The copper pyramid (of FIGU design) is meant to be used for the Peace Meditation only, therefore at certain times. If it is used for one's personal meditation, it has a symbolic effect only (= no link to the SSSC).
  • Only a peace meditation where a great mass of people combine their efforts, like on the scheduled times, will bring about the desired effect. Doing the Peace Meditation on random times will have no effect regarding peace, but will be just a meditation exercise. This is not a bad thing and in a personal way, useful.
  • Additionally, some people are under the impression that doing the Peace Meditation without the pyramid, at the same time with the rest of the world is sufficient, however, in order to function with the network, one needs the pyramid.

The Copper Pyramids

  • The mini-pyramid* (travel pyramid in a wooden case):  For one or two persons, worldwide (with agate crystal)
  • The small pyramid (base plate = 15 cm): from 1 to 14 persons; 7000 km (without stone), 21000 km (with stone)
  • The medium pyramid (base plate = 24 cm): from 1 to 28 persons; 21000 km.
  • The pyramid must be aligned so that one of the edges (not face) of the pyramid is pointed in the north direction (align with a compass)... and also high enough so that the round antenna at the top should be in line with anywhere between your forehead to your sternum, approximately, and about 18'' - 24"away depending on the pyramid

*The mini-pyramid (or travel pyramid) comes in a wooden box whereby the copper-plated top of the box becomes the base for the pyramid. The measurement for the box is: 3 and 3/4 inches high x 2 and 3/4 inches wide and deep. The pyramid itself is about 2.5 inches tall and 1and 5/8ths wide at its base. This can be purchased only through FIGU Switzerland and shipped via the postal service.

To purchase the mini travel pyramid from the Switzerland site

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