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Peace Meditation Cont'd
The use of the copper pyramids

The Copper Pyramids

  • The mini-pyramid* (in a wooden case):  For one or two persons, worldwide (with agate crystal)
  • The travel pyramid (base plate = 15 cm): from 1 to 7 persons; 7,000 km (with agate crystal)
  • The table pyramid (base plate = 30 cm): from 1 to 21 persons, 24,000 km; worldwide (with agate crystal) and up to 49
  • The pyramid must be aligned so that one of the edges (not face) of the pyramid is pointed in the north direction (align with a compass)... and also high enough so that the round antenna at the top should be in line with anywhere between your forehead to your sternum, approximately, and about 18'' - 24"away depending on the pyramid

*The mini-pyramid (or travel pyramid) comes in a wooden box whereby the copper-plated top of the box becomes the base for the pyramid. The measurement for the box is: 3 and 3/4 inches high x 2 and 3/4 inches wide and deep. The pyramid itself is about 2.5" tall and 1 and 5/8" wide at its base. This can be purchased only through FIGU Switzerland and shipped via the postal service.

To purchase the mini travel pyramid from the Switzerland site

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